Personal empowerment

This plan supports participants to promote the recognition and exercise of their rights, a change of attitudes and beliefs related to gender roles, and the strengthening of women’s leadership skills and personal autonomy.

Ofelia no está sola

The gender-based violence prevention strategy “Ofelia is not alone” consists of raising awareness among the population (beneficiaries and the community in general) as well as online and on-site training on issues related to gender-based violence against women and other population groups, using different tools and methodologies with different levels of scope and depth, in order to a) Inform; b) Guide; and c) Act.

“Ofelia is not alone” is, at the same time, the name given to the first handbook of the collection of informative and educational contents in the framework of this strategy. The handbook is designed as a comic strip that recreates Ofelia’s situation of domestic violence and the way in which she accesses the services provided by public entities in accordance with Law 1257. The story presents the 3 steps (look after yourself, protect yourself, and defend yourself) necessary for proper care. At the end of the handbook, there is a pocket telephone directory with the entities responsible for providing care at each step.

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This online course addresses the stereotypes and gender roles that society has assigned to men and women based on their sex and that have constituted differential advantages and opportunities for both, creating inequalities and establishing the basis for violence.



  • To promote the gender perspective as a tool of analysis to support the understanding of the power relations established in society, the social construction of the feminine and the masculine, and their relationship with gender-based violence.
  • To provide tools for the prevention and response to violence, allowing for the recognition of the violation of rights that occurs in the violence exercised against women and to guide them along the corresponding assistance circuit.

Target participants

This course can be taken directly by the community through the online classroom, and is . It is also designed to raise awareness among counsellors and replicators within organisations working to improve equity conditions.



Two weeks for the community and five weeks for awareness-raising in counsellors.



Based on micro-learning as a tool for asynchronous learning, supported by videos, workshops, and learning exercises and challenges.