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What we do

We work towards creating initiatives and programs that strengthen women entrepreneurs’ personal and business skills, especially those in vulnerable socio-economic situations. We also promote knowledge production, and make social impact investments.

What inspires us?

  • The transformational power of women.
  • Working for inclusive economic growth with a gender perspective, seeking equal opportunities for women and men.
  • Mobilizing actions and generating changes that contribute to bridging gaps for women.
  • Processes that promote individual and collective reflection and action.

What we do

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Which areas of action do we engage in?

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  • Gender

    We work primarily for and with women but also acknowledge men’s participation in building gender equality. We understand the importance of promoting relationships of respect and equality.

  • Entrepreneurship

    We work on the basis of entrepreneurship as a mechanism for income generation, welfare, and economic development.

  • Vulnerability

    We direct our actions mainly to people in vulnerable socioeconomic situations in order to contribute to the construction of a dignified life project that improves their quality of life and that of their families.

  • Financial inclusion

    We promote the population’s responsible inclusion in the financial system as a right that promotes development.

Our principles

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  • Transforming lives:

    We enable people to make decisions based on information and tools that can help to transform their lives, their environment, their community and the country.

  • We work towards partnerships and collaborative impact:

    We join efforts, knowledge, and resources to maximize the impact of our actions without replacing the role of the State or other relevant actors.

  • We create value:

    We seek to learn from our own and external experience so that we can continuously improve what we do.

  • We do things well:

    We work with distinction, rigor, and dedication to deliver the best result in everything we do.