Online training course

Yarú online

Online training course for entrepreneurs, intended to strengthen business and personal skills to manage enterprises, where the student develops his or her learning process autonomously. The contents address issues around entrepreneurship, financial education, marketing and sales, and leadership, among others.

As in the on-site offer, the contents and activities are based on meaningful and project-based learning (PBL).


  • Applicants must have a business that is in operation.
  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Be located anywhere with internet access.
  • Be available to participate in online sessions.


  • The course lasts four (4) months and consists of four (4) levels, each of which lasts one month: Level I: Entrepreneurship, Level II: Entrepreneurial Impulse, Level III: Entrepreneurial Strengthening, and Level IV: Entrepreneurial Projection.
  • A weekly study plan of three 40-minute sessions is proposed.

Successful money management – online

Successful money management (SMM) is the Foundation’s free financial course, which deals with topics such as, level of indebtedness and budgeting, using multimedia resources, literature, and exercises to be put into practice.

Target participants

It is designed for people over the age of 18, who wish to improve their knowledge and habits in relation to their personal, family and/or business finances. The course is open to the entire community through the Online Classroom. Participants will be issued a certificate of participation at the end of the course which can be downloaded directly from the platform.


Upon registration, the course will be available for one month on the Online Classroom platform.


  • Develop financial skills to make money management decisions.
  • Identify the appropriate destinations for a loan, the different types of loans and the criteria used by financial institutions to grant these.
  • To learn about the importance of savings and budgeting to identify and set short, medium, and long term goals, taking into account the income received.
  • Build a savings plan and calculate how much to save for emergencies.

Miga mobile app

Miga mobile app

It is a fun mobile application that explains the importance of good money management, where the user learns how to manage debts, calculate expenses, save and make decisions regarding money management.

Miga includes four (4) modules

  1. Successful Money Management Course: Promotes healthy financial habits based on topics such as budgeting, saving, and debt.
  2. Savings Challenge: Allows users to create a savings habit for 21 days, achieving their proposed goal in a given time.
  3. Avoid financial woes: Provides tips and recommendations for good financial health at specific times of year (i.e., festivities).
  4. How much debt can I get into? You will be able to record your income and debts and thus know your level of indebtedness.