Yarú, is the tailor-made training program for entrepreneurs.

It is based on the understanding of gender inequalities as a phenomenon that creates vulnerabilities in women’s lives.

It proposes a comprehensive training program that addresses the individual, the business and the family, within the framework of enterprise management.

Features of the Yarú comprehensive training program


  • Applicants must be aged over 18.
  • Have a business that has been in operation for over six months.
  • Live in a strata 1, 2 or 3 area.
  • Educational level not higher than technical.
  • Be residing in one of the municipalities covered by the program


Program components

By participating in the Yarú program you will have access to the following components:


Classes given by the facilitators on the topics of…

Personal empowerment

This component is intended to teach participants about their rights, to change attitudes and to …

Entrepreneurial support

Intended to complement and implement the academic learning in each …
Find out more about the Yarú experience!

Let yourself be inspired by the stories of the entrepreneurs who have taken part in the course.

María Elizabeth Acosta Surti Fiestas Eventos

“I didn’t know how much I spent, how much I sold, how much I bought, now I know more; I would recommend Yarú because they teach you the essential part of your business such as social networks, how to organise yourself in terms of accounting, how to manage your clients and, at the same time, how to make your company grow more.”

Víctor Martínez Cevichería y restaurante las delicias de Kata

“Yarú has been great, it has been the best experience of my life in terms of understanding that my business is my empowerment, understanding that my business provides me with the income that I need to support my family.”

Alejandra Buchelli
Clothing Indumentaria

“They broke that ‘little shell’ we had and revived us as entrepreneurs, making us see that our projects are really worthwhile, that it is a way of life and that we have to provide the best of ourselves to move forward. Yarú transformed us”

Hernando Ceballos
Productos Obles

“For me, Yarú fulfilled all my expectations, I didn’t know how to handle a computer before Yarú; I took costs out of my products and gave them added value. I learned to have more vision as an entrepreneur”

Carmen Rosa Hurtado
Keratina Xpress 24/7 y algo más

“I was looking for emotional, work and family stability because everything was ‘in bits and pieces’ and with Yarú I found myself, my business, my family, my life.”

María Gisela Verona
Calzado y Marroquinería Verona

“What I liked the most is that I see things differently, I see my company and my work differently. I learned to grow as a person”

Once you have completed Yarú, join:

Expo Yarú

It is a business fair created to showcase the ventures of the people trained on the program.

It takes place in a high-traffic venues in the cities where the program has been implemented. The entrepreneurs apply to participate in the fair and put their knowledge and skills into practice and a committee approves their participation.

Graduates’ Club

The Graduates’ Club is a space in which program graduates’ can meet and update their knowledge and contact networks. The Club includes, refresher courses, a film club, mentoring program, and seed capital.