Know the most consulted questions and answers.

Is the Fundación the same as Banco W?

No, they are autonomous and independent institutions. Fundación WWB founded Banco W and is currently its major shareholder.

Does Fundación WWB Colombia give loans?

No, Fundación WWB offers no financial products or services.

Does Fundación WWB charge for any of its services?

Some of the training offers include a cost, but this value is symbolic and affordable.

I have a business idea; how can you help me?

At Fundación WWB, we work with entrepreneurs who have businesses that are already in operation, and which were created, at least six months prior. People with a business idea can take the Successful Money Management course and other offers available through our Online Classroom.

I don’t live in Cali; how can I register for Fundación WWB courses?

The Foundation’s headquarters are in Cali. However, in other cities in the Valle del Cauca it acts based on alliances with other organizations such as the chambers of commerce that are responsible for supporting public calls for the different initiatives. The Foundation also has an online platform to help people who cannot access on-site mechanisms.

I am in a situation of gender-based violence. How can you help me?

The Foundation’s “Ofelia no está sola” (Ophelia is not alone) strategy involves three steps that can help you along with directories listing the Assistance Route and the contacts of the institutions in charge of such issues. In case you or someone you know is a victim of violence, download the manual and the directory for your city.

I am a displaced person and / or migrant and I have a business, can I join the courses?

In order to join, you must comply with the requirements for the course you wish to apply to, as well as attach the record that certifies your status (Registro Único de Víctimas RUV and/or PEP-RAMV, and/or Foreign ID card and/or similar, issued by the National Government).

I have a disability, and I want to train with you.

The Foundation is able to assist people with reduced mobility but, unfortunately, not those with limited hearing or vision.

I. I belong to a non-profit organization/ public institutions/ university/ Chamber of Commerce/ international cooperation and I want to link my community to your programs, what should I do?

Fill out the form or send us an email expressing your interest, and telling us clearly which project you are considering and details of the target community.